Generate a Hierarchical Index for your Content Inventory with GetUXIndex()

  • reorganizing a sitemap
  • planning a migration strategy
  • developing interface and functional specifications
  • tying the content inventory to other deliverables such as copy decks and wireframes

How to set up GetUXIndex()

How to use GetUXIndex()

  • Cell ID — the cell reference for the Page Title cell (for example, B6)
  • Levels — the number of decimal places in the Index cell (for example, 4)


  • Before you share the indexed Content Inventory with your client or team, be sure to copy and paste values column A onto itself. This converts the formulas to plain text. Otherwise, anybody without GetUXIndex() will see an error messages in the A column.
  • If you start using GetUXIndex() in row 1, the function will return errors. Make sure that you start using GetUXIndex in row 2 or after. (Working on a fix for that.)
  • If you get security related errors, you may need to adjust your macro security settings.
  • If your organization prohibits the use of macros or macro-enabled workbooks, you may not be able to use GetUXIndex().



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Don Bruns

Don Bruns

I learned HTML in 1995 and I’ve never looked back. Since then, I’ve led UX redesigns for some of the most influential brands in the world.